Different types of flowers for valentine’s day in India

And Valentine’s week begins! It’s Rose Day today and we’ve got you a guide to the different types of flowers for valentine’s day in India. If you are looking for floral inspiration this valentine, we’ve picked out a few options that will make your loved ones smile, from cheerful sunflowers for your dad to red roses for your other half, and lilies for your best friend. Whether you’re getting flowers, or giving flowers or none of the above, we hope you take a moment to stop and smell the flower today!  Not to be biased, but one of these is our favourite.

These beautiful and fragrant flowers sure to put a smile on your Valentine’s face this year.


It should be no surprise that lavender represents serenity and calmness. It can also be a symbolism of a long life. Lavender has a long lasting calming effects and relax certain muscles.

Pink Bluebells

These are not not traditionally be thought as a Valentine’s Day flower, but giving someone Pink Bluebells can show your everlasting love to them.

Red Rose

Undoubtedly, Red Roses are the most popular choice for the valentine’s day. Red roses symbolize romance, love, perfection and beauty. Apparently, red roses were the favourite flower of Venus, the Goddess of Love, as she believed that red roses represent the strong feelings. Red roses are the traditional way to say “I love you. Gift them today.

White Rose

On the other end, if you want to go with white roses, you want to represent the purity. You must have seen these in weddings for the same reason. Gift these flowers to represent the purity and eternity.


This brings good luck and happiness. Gift this adorable flower on Valentine’s day and wish them a good luck and happiness this year.


So we’ll start with what a tulip stands for. We’ll say “Perfect Love”. They represent warmth and comfort. These are the must pick up for a good valentine’s day as they’re classic and affordable.


If you’re looking for quite a different way to show someone you adore them, get a bouquet of sunflowers! Many people think these flowers represent loyalty, due to the flowers’ ability to follow the sun

They are named after sun, blossoming sunflower represent happiness and warmth just like the sun. These flowers represent loyalty.

Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery

Different kinds of flowers represent a different language of love, so you should gift a flower that speaks the language you wanted to say to your loved ones and make them feel special. 

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