CouponzMall: How To Redeem Cashback?

Click here if you have not read CouponzMall’s previous article on how to earn Cashback. You’re very curious about redeeming or recouping the cashback in your bank account. means You have already shopped through CouponzMall and received confirmed cashback. So what’s next?

You can Check Your Cashback Status

1) Login to CouponzMall with your credential and click My Account and check the Cashback Earned tab.

After clicking on the Cashback Earned button below window open.

** Before Requesting, the withdrawal kindly add the Bank Details in your Profile so that we can NEFT the amount in your bank account. to know How to add Bank Account details click here.

Is your Cashback more than Rs. 250? If yes, then all you have to do is click on the Withdrawals tab and fill the amount greater than Rs 250 in the Amount to withdraw box, and then click on Request Withdrawal then wait for the approval.

Once you submit the request your request status show’s as Payment Pending.

Once they credit the money in your account they mark the transaction status Paid and they also mention the Payment Reference number.

Congratulations 🥳🥳 you will get the cashback amount in your bank account basically it’s directly transferred to your bank account via NEFT.

You can also track your transaction in the Transactions tab

you can also track your Bonus in the Bonus tab

When you shop with, you get rewards and benefits every time. So shop, save, and tell us about your Cashback experience today!