Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Facts About the Origin of Valentine’s Day

The tale of Valentine’s Day like any quality movie is entirely dramatic. Well, once upon a time, around 3rd Century there was a dictatorial ruler of Rome named Claudius II and a Christian martyr named Saint Valentine. The premise of Valentine’s Day being the day devoted to love has got a lot to do with the past. Many folklore’s come out of the history pages to hold up this day. One such story says that Claudius was opposed to Christianity while Valentine was for it and Claudius imprisoned him and in this imprisonment, he fell in love with the blind girl of the jailer. Before his death he wrote a letter to this girl and signed it as “from your Valentine” and that’s how till today lovers address each other as Valentine. The day next to his death on 14th February Julia, the girl of the jailer sow an almond tree near his grave and till today almond tree is a token of love and friendship. And people across the world celebrate love and warmth

February is here, and the Valentine’s Day is near. It’s no time to close the umbrellas and drain in the showers of love. As the day nears most of you might be thinking of what to gift your love. has compiled some best considerable gifts that can strike a difference and spark a smile on your lovers face.

Here is a list of best Valentine’s day gifts that you can give to your loved one –


Who doesn’t love flowers and particularly roses? Be it a movie or real life, flowers always hit different and stand out, these not so expensive roses carry a million emotions. The fresh blossoms definitely give a fresh start for your valentine. A bouquet of roses accompanied by a letter for your loved one is the best way to confess or re confess your love.

Ferns and petals, FlowersAura and Archies are some of the websites where you can buy and get the best flowers for your partner.

Candle light dinner:

A candle light dinner will be a perfect gift for the perfect day. Those moments together under the enchanting lights particularly with slow music tuning in, one would ache to dive into the depths of love. Book a surprise candle light dinner and earn their heart.

Visit and find the perfect gift for the perfect night.

Adrenaline boosters:

Life is an adventure and if he/she is an adventure loving person, plans a surprise sky diving, bungee jumping or a simple trek, river rafting etc. Exploration brings out pristine emotions and perfect scenery also prompts love.

Customized gifts:

Every human being is unique in his own way and it would be wise to customize gifts as per ones taste. Customized coffee mugs overlaid by beautiful moments that display only when hot beverage is poured into it definitely is a stand out in this category. You can also consider customized bags and apparel with your own feelings printed on them.
Made with unforgettable photographs, special exoticism messages, and the name of your loved one – customized gifts are unique that manifest your love, romance, and commitment towards that special person in your life. In this category, you will be pleased to find printed cushions, key-chains, LED cushions, lamps, rotating lamps, printed mugs, laptop covers, etc.

Sites where you can find them are Archies, FlowerAura, Ferns and Petals, Amazon, Flipkart, etc


Where there is chocolate there is happiness. A bundle of chocolates with mixed tastes of sweet sour and bitterness symbolizes that our lives together is a mixture of all such events which eventually climax in happiness. ‘Suhaane safar se pehle kuch meetha ho jaaye’.

Order some chocolates for your loved one from Cadbury and archies.

Couple goals apparels:

Unique clothing combos are available in the market especially for couples that symbolize the selfless possessiveness in couples. Fashion apparel with quotes like ‘You are mine’ and ‘I am yours’ are some good things to opt for.

Sites where you can find them: Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, Ajio, etc


Plants signify tranquility and magnification in a relationship. Get hoya kerrii, lucky bamboo, spider plant, lovely money plant, peace lily plant, Potted Red Poinsettia, beautiful jade plant, rose flowering plant, Ixora Blooms or bonsai plants online and let your lover breathe garden fresh air.

Miscellaneous gifts:

Watches, name printed bracelets, sun glasses, Teddy bears, Candy combo packs, Perfumes and ethnic apparel, anklets etc. are some most popular gifts.


Keep the Romance and excitement Alive in the Air with lovely Gifts for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

It’s a significant and potent energy that makes you feel connected to someone in an extensive way. It’s the signs, both big and little, that make you feel especially wooed and adored by your other half. Romance is what takes your relationship past friendship.

Without romance, every single thing may seem dull and boring. So, never let this romance escape out of your life.

Surprise your boyfriend and Girlfriend with romantic valentines gifts online.

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